Toilets or toilets are a necessary condition for a healthy home. There are two types of toilets: squatting and sitting; Both have advantages and disadvantages. You can visit and get the best toilet review. The toilet seat is indeed derived from Western culture but is now in great demand by the people of the world. The shape and design of the toilet seat were more diverse. On the technology side, jet washer and eco washer features add to the user’s convenience.

When doing home remodelling, sanitation space can also be a special attention so that the comforts raised will be felt in accordance with the taste. Well, how to sort out the right and fit, the following guidelines choose a closet for the bathroom that you can make as a reference before or during the construction and renovation of the house. Generally, you will determine from the design side, here’s the description;

– Hue and Colour
This is the most important thing when you want to choose which one is the most fitting and your taste, if the design that appears is really appropriate then you can buy it from the seller, even though the type of closet is sitting or squat, if appropriate then you deserve to buy and installed In “favorite space” this morning and afternoon. Even so, do not buy, consider some aspects, such as the colour or pattern of the bathroom floor and the wall you need to consider to be more appropriate, if the colour blend is not compatible then the comfort of your eyes when in the room will be disrupted. Make it as gentle as possible with a few flashy accents at some point.

– Size
For this type of squat closet may have size and uniform shape, but different when you intend to use the type of sitting. Try not to use too large a measure on the dimensions of a small toilet space. The size rule is actually quite detailed but We only mention the height factor of the floor. There are two types of sizes, namely size 14-15 inches and 16-17 inches. Standard size 14-15 inches is still widely used, but the size of 16-17 inches became popular, especially for those who were tall.

– Is Water Saving
The current issue of natural resource savings is also worth noting when choosing a type of closet especially for the type of sitting. Try to choose a mechanical and rinsing system that can save water.

– Choose the Accessories you like
Actually, this is not too important, but as a supporter of the nuances of the room to be more comfortable then this should you pay attention to give more impression of the traits and tastes of homeowners.