Marked Cards to Become a Pro at Gambling and Magic Tricks

Are you an avid gambler who loves card games like poker? Have you been having a hard time winning? Or maybe you’re an amateur magician, trying to recreate a magic card trick but can’t seem to get it? If that’s the case, then a marked deck of cards might be able to help. Even though card marking has been around ever since card games have been around, it’s not as effective as today. The traditional marked cards tricks are by bending one corner of a card, marking the back of the card, and so forth. But you can easily get caught by these.

Thanks to modern ways and technology, card marking is much easier. Some manufacturers create a deck of marked cards, ready for you to buy at any time! Some of these manufacturers are also top card brands, like Bicycle, Modiano, and many more. Learn what kind of marked cards will help you in the future!

The Ultimate Marked Deck of Cards Perfect for Magic

Marked cards can be used in many ways, but the two common uses for these kinds of cards are gambling and magic tricks. If you’re using it for magic, the perfect marked cards you should choose are those with a reader and code systems. The Ultimate Marked Deck by Bicycle works best because there are marks at the back of the card that the usual person won’t easily find. You don’t need any special device to detect these cards, but it has to be examined closely by the magician. The marks are very tiny that you have to memorize the differences.

barcode marked cards for phone analyzer

Since marking cards are seldom done nowadays, the Ultimate Marked Deck will work best for you. You can use it in magic shows when performing magic tricks.

The Deck of Cards Used in the Poker Industry

If you love gambling and playing card games, especially poker, you know how hard it can be to win. That’s why so many are dying to use a marked card deck to help them win on their next poker round. But sometimes, these marked decks can easily be detected by other players. To avoid getting banned on your future poker games, it’s better to use a marked deck that can only be detected by the user with a high-tech contact lens. The contact lens is used to see the invisible ink at the back of the card.

For gambling, a specialized deck of cards made with the help of technology is much better. If you don’t want to get yourself caught, a contact lens marked card works better.