Is a total solution to the concept of Software Oriented Services (SOA) a comprehensive and integrated web-based application for the reservation system and online hospitality management that is composed of modules front office and back office to facilitate the planning, management, and regulation of transactions in the hotel, and can be used as a reference in the decision making. The modules were developed in Anand System in developed according to the needs of the hotel in managing the business and its services to include business functions for part front office, reservation/booking, such as

1. Registration (check-in / check-out);

2. Housekeeping;

3. POS;

4. Billing / Invoice and;

5. Report;

The hotel management program has a variety of facilities/reports to help officers deal with circumstances desk alarm front rooms booked by guests, or visitors or help managers to monitor operational hotel or hotel progress. This program has been used since the hotel guests making reservations, check-in until check-out. All data is stored and processed by the program. The facilities and the most important reports produced by the program, among others:

1. Profile Room, room, and its acceptance contain information for one month.

2. Profile Guest Hotel, guest information, and dates of previous guests.