Online Gambling allows you to play For Free

The greatest advantage of online casinos to land based counterparts is that one can try out different slots and tables before making a deposit. It offers you a chance to learn the rules and strategies before betting real money. Some online casino websites, not even ask you to sign up. You can simply enter and start playing. Land based casinos offer sessions to learn the rules that happen only on specific hours on certain days and it purely for their promotions.

Please go through the 10 hands before you start to play, they are usually ranked high to low:

  • Five of a Kind (Royal Flush): It is the famous hand of Poker game which cannot be beaten. It holds Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of single
  • Straight Flush: It has 5 cards in the sequence and the highest rank at the top wins.
  • Four of a Kind: This holds 4 cards of the same rank, when there is tie in the event the player if has the highest side card (kicker) he wins.
  • Full House: It contains 3 cards of same rank and 2 cards matching. When there is tie in the event the highest matching cards wins.
  • Flush: It holds 5 cards (same suit) but not in sequence, during tie the highest ranked card wins.

Mobile casino applications – an overview

  • Straight: It holds 5 cards (non-suited) in sequence. During tie the highest rank card in the sequence wins.
  • Three of a Kind: It holds 3 cards of same rank and 2 unrelated side cards. When there is tie the highest ranked card or the second highest ranked one wins (kicker).
  • Two Pair: It holds 2 cards of matching rank, 2 cards with different matching rank and one kicker. If both players had the identical 2 pairs then the highest kicker wins.
  • Pair: It holds 2 cards matching and 3 unrelated side cards. At the time of tie in the event the player wins with the highest, second or third highest card.
  • High Card: It belongs to low level in the event, when any of the hands disqualifies from the categories mentioned above. At the time of tie in the event the highest card wins (Ace-high).


Hope the above information makes the player better understanding as what are the basic rules to be followed before hitting the table. If you have any further queries regarding the game like which hands or folds are good to play? Or how much need to bet? Please visit their official site of Poker for further information.