Right now, many devices already have an HDMI port but are not equipped with HDMI cable accessories. If so, then you need to buy them separately. You can find various HDMI cables on the market, like the cmple hdmi cable, for instance. Therefore, to help you in avoiding buying the wrong HDMI cable here is one of the things you need to consider:

–    Type of HDMI Cable Connector

The HDMI cable connector type is different from the HDMI port compatibility side and the color of the connector plate. There are two types of differences based on port compatibility, the HDMI mini port, and micro port HDMI. Therefore, consider the type of HDMI port on your device: mini or micro.

In addition, the HDMI cable is also differentiated based on the number of pins on the connector, namely, type A HDMI connector that has 19 pins and HDMI type B which has 29 pins. Type A is well suited for basic purposes, while type B has high-resolution support, over 1080p.