Traditional and Obat Herbal Diabetes treatments are performed to lower blood sugar levels in wet diabetes. Many types of herbal remedies can be done to overcome the increase in blood sugar levels. This type of treatment is usually done for type 2 diabetes. Here are some types of herbal treatments that can be done:

– Aloe Vera Juice Juice

Aloe vera juice can be obtained by taking the middle of aloe vera meat shaped like a jelly. Consumption of aloe vera juice can be a very powerful drug for diabetics 2. The content of active compounds in Aloe vera can lower fat in the blood so it is important to lower blood sugar levels. In addition, Aloe vera gel material can also be used to cure wounds or boils in diabetics. Aloe vera contains an excellent lectin and anthraquinone compound for diabetics.

– Ginger Mix

Ginger can also be a very powerful diabetes drug. Ginger has been used by as a traditional medicine for diabetes treatment. How to care is done by taking a fresh ginger rhizome and then destroyed roughly so it will issue a special substance when boiled.

The benefits of ginger for diabetes treatment is to control blood sugar levels. Increase the absorption of sugar in the blood to the muscles so it does not require too much insulin and can regulate high blood sugar levels.