Property investment seems will never die. The price of land, house, shop, apartment and other property types ride more than stable, or even down. As a rule, just look at property exhibitions are held regularly. The crowd was always lots and crowded. Various types of dwelling crowded demand by many people, but of course the most popular is the place with the most strategic locations, such as at the Park Place Residences. Located close to the city center, we allow you to remain active.

One of the factors that affect consumer interest in the property is access to the location. Other factors are:
– Not the flood affected areas
– Close to motorway
– Environmentally safe
– Close to public facilities, such as hospitals, schools, and markets

If a property is eligible, it must be good as an investment. However, later often asked people what type of property is the best for investment? This question generally narrowed to two types: investment house or apartment. Houses and apartments at the same location and the price can differ investment results. For indeed each type of property it has pros and cons in general.

Excess investment houses:

– Easier for sale
– Easier so credit guarantees on bank
– Can be rented at a higher price if the building is nice
– The rate of increase is generally higher prices than apartments

Excess investment apartment:

– Prices studio type usually cheaper than home type 45
– Complete amenities, such as there is a pool and fitness center
– The rental price is usually higher than the unit home

Those are some of the advantages of the two types of investment properties. See the above comparison, homes, and apartment in the same place at the same price also has the features of each. To make a selection, the earliest to do is look at your budget. Which one is your choice?