Excess weight is one of the problems are very keen to avoid a lot of people, especially by women. Excess weight can make your loss of confidence in terms of appearance, but it also overweight often leads to complications of diseases that will harm your health. Some people decide to take diet pills like Leptigen and various other diet pills. However, to restore your weight to be more ideal, in fact, you do not need to use a slimming pill or a similar drug that contains chemicals. But it needed only seriousness and consistency only in an attempt to lose weight in accordance with your wishes and with a relatively short time.

Attempts to lose weight naturally and fast even to be dropped 10 kg within 3 days were already many diet programs that are offered, starting with a healthy diet, slimming drugs or special drug made from chemicals, diet to reduce food portions, diet only eating certain foods such as fruit and vegetable material even with a diet that is increasingly popular OCD. Type any diet lived fast and safe results and give a satisfactory result is an absolute desire for everyone who has excess weight. Of the many diet programs, there are some programs that give great results but can cause problems or complaints. Here’s a safe way to lose weight:

– Reduce the excessive eating and fat but eat a little
Fatty foods can cause fat accumulation in the body can lead to weight as we grow, but it also should not eat with a portion of the excess. Sought not eat one serving at a time, but it is advisable to eat a little bit every meal every day. Eat small portions but with more intensity often, it is meant to be able to control the amount of fat and calories absorbed by the body every day.

– Eating foods and drinks containing herbal

One unique way to lose weight permanently in a short time is to consume foods and beverages that contain herbs. such as ginger, ginseng, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, and so is the type of herb that votes can help launch your metabolism.

– Increase Drinking Water every day

In the human body needs water content of 60%, therefore the water is needed by the human body. If you are lacking in terms of consuming water, it will cause obesity or accumulation of fat in the body.