Houses that have been decades old often experience damage in some parts. So sooner or later those parts must be fixed immediately. And one part of the house that needs attention is the roof of the house. Age of homes that have reached tens of years certainly impact on the condition of the roof that was not as solid as when it was new. After years of sun exposure and weather changes, these roofs can become cracked, broken, or even less adhesive between connections with each other. Visit our website now and find the best roofing deals.

If you want to take risks and fix your roof yourself, here are some ways you can do:

– Check the feasibility of a protective coating under the tile

This layer is usually made of plastic or metal that serves to block the rain water so that not directly into the house. Drop-in tiles still allow rain water to seep in. However, with this protective layer, water can be accommodated. For that, this protective layer needs to be checked, whether the condition is still good, no holes, or bends. This material is very easy to muddy and mossy because it often holds rain water. If the condition is not good, immediately replace the new by removing the spikes on the board where laying this layer.

– See also the condition of the board where the protective layer is located

If there are missing spikes when you remove the protective layer, then you need to add a new spike.

– Put a new protective coating on the ground

Make sure the position is right so that the rainwater seepage can be properly accommodated.

– Installation of tile is done every row horizontally. The first row must be at the top of the roof and not at the edge.

– Place the tiles on the next row by following the row of tiles above it, that is, the first row when we install the tile.

– Complete the installation of the tile to the last line.