SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The meaning of it is that it can be called as a way of optimising a website, web page or blog in order to get the position of the site can get a ranking in the SERP. Summarily, it is efforts of the business website owners to introduce their sites to get a position on the search page. That why SEO often becomes the talk by all website owners. SEO itself is an absolute thing that must be used to obtain a position in the search. So, it is not strange anymore if the site of an owner does not understand SEO will appear or rank so low in the search. Thus, if you want to get your website more recognition from the internet users, you can use the SEO services from SEO providers like the seo services singapore, for instance.

SEO itself has some branches just like the algorithm which is endless. Each of the branches is always connected to one another. However, the most common branches are an SEO-On page and off page SEO. Both of the SEO will accentuate or bring up the website we are in search.

Understanding SEO Onpage: On the page, SEO is SEO optimise the efforts that are on the web page such as optimisation of meta tags, heading tags, H1, H2, H3 and also anchor text or anchor link or even using bold attributes (bold) and italic attributes (italics). All of these elements are often said as the On page.

Understanding SEO Offpage: SEO Offpage is a kind of efforts or optimisation to introduce the website to all of the Internet users by using links Building, submitting articles to social media and bookmarking, commenting on other blogs and planting links in forums. The term easy is doing or planting the article link or URL to other websites to get visitors from all the media who will click on the link eventually visitors will see your blog or site. For that reason, the role of off page SEO is indispensable.