You may be a wine lover and love wine, you also want to get around to get the best wine. With one convenience you can get here is to rent a motorbike and travel in New Zealand. There are destinations you can visit when you are doing outdoor adventure nz. The great river plains near Blenheim are built exclusively by nature to grow grapes. Long dry summers with warm days and cool nights help the wine stay sour during a long ripening period. The shallow soil, and quickly absorb water with low fertility helps produce quality wines as it reduces the robustness of the vine. Marlborough wine is famous for its prominent fruit characters and sour taste, as well as herbal flavour. About 59 percent of the wine is a type of sauvignon blanc. Pinot Noir (15 percent) and Chardonnay (13 percent) are the other main grapes.

Wineries range from large-scale exporting companies to small and comfortable wineries. Many will give you the opportunity to combine wine with food at a nearby cafe or restaurant. The sunny climate fits perfectly with outdoor dining and wine tasting in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. You’ll also find olive groves, boutique breweries, and alcoholic beverages increasingly tempting taste. Touring bike wineries is a fun way to enjoy all the culinary delights and beauty of the Marlborough wineries. You can take a wine route map from any information centre, and there are plenty of bike rental venues in Blenheim or the Renwick satellite city, just five minutes from the airport.

This place is often visited by tourists and is a tourist destination that is sought after by tourists. They spend the time to enjoy the grapes grown and blended themselves by the residents and is a great pride for those who have already visited the region. Because some of them have been able to enjoy a typical New Zealand wine produced in this place.